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Papillon IT Solutions

About Us

Papillon IT Solutions provides an ecommerce platform where buyers, sellers, B2B can purchase and sell products with minimum effort. We provide a platform-based service which will enable participants to meet and conduct business seamlessly. A wide selection of products from verified suppliers and manufacturers are available from this platform.


This platform will be a leading platform for world trade that will service and connect millions of buyers/sellers in Australia and around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy to conduct business anywhere. By providing the tools required to reach a worldwide audience and helping buyers and sellers find products and suppliers easily.

We allow business/individuals to change the way they market, sell and operate to improve their efficiencies. We provide the infrastructure and marketing reach to assist merchants, brands, retailers, sellers and buyers to leverage the power of new technology in a new business environment. We are a new and exciting addition to the world of online business and communication.

Anywhere and Anytime

Continuous development of this platform improves services and assists business`s to discover new business opportunities around the globe. Sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting suppliers in other countries, we can provide all your global needs, anywhere anytime.

One Stop Sourcing

We provide thousands of products in many major categories including home, industrial and business products, and a lot more. Buyers and sellers of these products are at various locations that can exchange thousands of messages via this platform. It is a one stop sourcing platform serves at its best.

Integrity and Compliance

Paillon IT Solutions is committed to deliver the highest standards of business in our relationships with all our stakeholders, including customers and business partners. We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and compliances.

Our Culture​

All participants; consumers, merchants, service providers and others have an opportunity to grow. Our success is built on the spirit of innovation and a constant focus on meeting the needs of our customers.